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’65 Malibu Station Wagon

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Would you have guessed it? Yep, I spied another Wagon at the Todd Harding and Son Phoenix Car Swap Meet, well not AT the swap meet but in the parking lot. The body and paint on this thing were in great shape and I could tell the owner wanted to keep it that way since he parked about as far away as he could from the rest of the patrons. I was grateful because I ended up with some nice shots of it. More shots after the jump. Continue reading

’65 Acadian Station Wagon

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Ever heard of an Acadian? I know that I hadn’t, basically it is the Great White North’s version of the Chevy II/Nova. There were quite a few Canadians at the show that brought out their beautiful classics and was glad that I hunted the cars down in the parking lot. More shots after the jump! Continue reading

’56 Chevy Handyman Station Wagon

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While the Nomad is definitely cool, I think that the Chevy Handyman Station Wagon is pretty sweet as well. I knew a guy in HS that had one of these and I hope that he is still rocking it today. I don’t know much about the “Bomb Squad” Continue reading