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Scottsdale Cars and Coffee – July 2015

So… It’s been far too long since I’ve posted here. I really have spent a majority of my time on my Instagram profile and I’ve neglected my webpage. Sorry about that folks!

I’ve also just been swamped with spending time with my friends & family, my “real job”, private shoots which has pushed things into the backlog. I was getting really focused on only putting out the images that I’d fully edited and I realized that it was at the cost of getting content out at all.

Perfection is the enemy of good, so here are some shots that I thought were good enough without Continue reading

May 2014 Scottsdale Cars and Coffee/Motorsport Gathering

[zfp_photo id=’hb6c59cc’]

It is starting to get warm but the crowd was just as large (if not larger) than in cooler months for the May 2014 Scottsdale Motorsport Gathering. I am so glad to live in a metro area that has so many amazing rides! As usual, the show had something for everybody from Continue reading

February 2014 Scottsdale Motorsport Gathering

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Usually the Shops at Gainey Village is PACKED with amazing cars and fellow motorsports enthusiasts on the first Saturday of every month. I was disappointed to roll into a largely empty parking lot for the Feb. 2014 event but thought that there would still be a decent showing. Much to my surprise Continue reading

November 2013 – Scottsdale Motorsport Gathering

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As to be expected, today was another great event @ the Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering. The weather was amazing and it sure brought out some amazing cars and great people. Thank you as usual to all those who brought out your vehicles to share with the community. I have more pics that I will be posting up in feature posts in the coming weeks, if you want to see yours sooner rather than later: call, email, FB message, text or send a smoke signal.
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