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5th Annual Bomb Squad Bomb-B-Q

5th Annual Bomb Squad Car Club Bomb-B-Q


Last year something came up and I wasn’t able to make it to the Bomb Squad Car Club’s annual show. When I saw coverage of the 4th annual Bomb-B-Q last year after the event, I realized that I missed out on an awesome event and knew that I had to make it to the next show. I made it this year and boy am I glad that I did, the show was well attended with tons Continue reading

1978 Plymouth Volaré Sick Pack

[zfp_photo id=’h16c921f9′]

For me, the mid to late 70s were pretty terrible years for cars. The long and boxy thing that took place from about ’73 on just makes me say “Huh?!?” for the most part. There are some exceptions to that rule of course and I think that this 1978 Plymouth Volaré  is just that. While it may not have a big V-8 there is just something cool about a slant six with a big 4-Barrel carb hanging off the side. More shots after the jump Continue reading

Widow’s Extreme Machines ’72 Cuda

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I had a blast at the Cruise on Central today! Met Widow from Widow’s Extreme machines and took some pics of his beasty ’72 ‘Cuda. I have always had a thing for ’68-’72 ‘Cudas but this thing is just on another level. Can’t wait to see what other monsters Widow is working on!
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