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Spring Fest 9 Coverage coming soon!

Well it was a whirlwind weekend full of Mopar goodness as the Family and I headed out to Irvine, CA for our first Spring Festival of LXs. I’ve been hearing about SF9 for the past few months and John Fortuno and Oriana Mehden encouraged me to head out and shoot the show, boy am I glad that I did!

Over 1000 modern Mopars (300, Magnum, Challenger and Charger) showed up and there was Mopar as far as the eye could see. I met some great people, shot some amazing cars and captured some amazing content for you to enjoy. I ended up with about 2800 shots from the pre-show BBQ the night before the event and the day of the event. Needless to say, I will be busy in Post-Production for a while but will get the shots out as soon as time permits.

If you want to see yours sooner, let me know and I’ll move it to the top of the stack if I shot it!

ladieslvlxs’ Award Winning Chrysler 300S

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I met Oriana for the first time at an AZ Mod Rod meet that was hosted by Piccione Performance. Strangely enough, I totally missed her ride @ SEMA 2013 since I didn’t make it to to the West Coast Customs booth. I got a few shots @ the Piccione Performance event but when I found out Continue reading

1978 Plymouth Volaré Sick Pack

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For me, the mid to late 70s were pretty terrible years for cars. The long and boxy thing that took place from about ’73 on just makes me say “Huh?!?” for the most part. There are some exceptions to that rule of course and I think that this 1978 Plymouth Volaré  is just that. While it may not have a big V-8 there is just something cool about a slant six with a big 4-Barrel carb hanging off the side. More shots after the jump Continue reading

2011 Modified Chrysler 300C – fatchance 2.0

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I’ve always liked the Chrysler 300C, something about it is just awesome. This one is unlike any other that I have seen, just well built in every aspect with nothing hokey or tacky like many other 300s. The owner dropped in a Mopar Gen III Aluminum 426 with a forged rotating assembly and added an EdelbrockE-force supercharger which puts over 600hp to the wheels. It has a full custom interior and clean exterior aero kit.It rides on an AccuAir Suspension sustem on 22″ FORGE Wheels MS5DC wrapped in Nitto Tire NT555s all being halted by Brembo 6 pisto/15″ GT Brake system. Just looking at the AccuAir setup in the trunk demonstrates the incredible attention to detail in this beautiful ride! #SEMA2013 #Mopar #Chrysler #300C#Slammed #Edelbrock #Accuair #FORGEWheels #NittoTire#Brembo

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