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Foose Designs P-32 Roadster

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I am pretty in love with the Fuller Hot Rods Double Down that was in the Jet Hot Coatings Booth this year with its bare metal and sheer awesomeness. I also fell in love with this amazing ride from Chip Foose @ Foose Designs when I ran into it at the Goodguys 16th Southwest Nationals.

Chip started out with a ’32 Ford Roadster and a body from Brookville Roadster that he massaged and customized to mimic a WWII fighter plane. Powered by a Continue reading

Foose Designs HEMISFEAR

In 1990 when Chip Foose was attending Art Center and studying Automotive Product Design he designed and hand built a 1/5th scale this beautiful ride as part of his (Chrysler Sponsored) graduation project. I do find it interesting (as do many others) that just 6 years later a strikingly similar vehicle emerged from Plymouth. While the prowler was horribly underpowered when first released in 1997, the HEMISFEAR has a 392 HEMI with over 500 HP. In partnership with Metalcrafters, this vehicle is planned to be produced in very low numbers (50 total) for a cool $300k. A bit more than a Prowler but probably a better investment overall (although I do like the Prowler).

As usual, click any of the images below to access high res images in our online store.

More info about this beautiful ride here: http://www.chipfoose.com/ws_display.asp?filter=Hemisfear

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