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5th Annual Bomb Squad Bomb-B-Q

5th Annual Bomb Squad Car Club Bomb-B-Q


Last year something came up and I wasn’t able to make it to the Bomb Squad Car Club’s annual show. When I saw coverage of the 4th annual Bomb-B-Q last year after the event, I realized that I missed out on an awesome event and knew that I had to make it to the next show. I made it this year and boy am I glad that I did, the show was well attended with tons Continue reading

No Fly Zone AZ

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My buddy Matt O’Connor had been quite persistent in recommending that I attend the first annual No Fly Zone Half-Mile event at Gila Bend Municipal Airport and finally I gave in. Boy am I glad that Matt didn’t give up (thanks buddy!). I have to say… Continue reading

February 2014 Scottsdale Motorsport Gathering

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Usually the Shops at Gainey Village is PACKED with amazing cars and fellow motorsports enthusiasts on the first Saturday of every month. I was disappointed to roll into a largely empty parking lot for the Feb. 2014 event but thought that there would still be a decent showing. Much to my surprise Continue reading

’56 Chevy Task Force Truck

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I am not a fan of dropped mini trucks, I can appreciate the work that goes into them but I’d much rather see this! This looks to be a work in progress but I think that they have a good foundation that they are working with. I’d like to see it when there done and hope that I run into it again. Continue reading

’65 Malibu Station Wagon

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Would you have guessed it? Yep, I spied another Wagon at the Todd Harding and Son Phoenix Car Swap Meet, well not AT the swap meet but in the parking lot. The body and paint on this thing were in great shape and I could tell the owner wanted to keep it that way since he parked about as far away as he could from the rest of the patrons. I was grateful because I ended up with some nice shots of it. More shots after the jump. Continue reading

’56 Chevy Handyman Station Wagon

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While the Nomad is definitely cool, I think that the Chevy Handyman Station Wagon is pretty sweet as well. I knew a guy in HS that had one of these and I hope that he is still rocking it today. I don’t know much about the “Bomb Squad” Continue reading