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Bring the Noize 2014

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3.2.14 Update: Got through all the shots and got them uploaded. I have more shots of individual cars that I featured below, let me know if there is something specifically that you’d like to see more of!

I stumbled across Bring the Noize 2014 on Arizona Auto Scene, if you haven’t checked out Arizona Auto Scene, be sure to do so if you want to find out what is going on in the AZ Auto Scene! I digress… Bring the Noize was held on my side of town so I thought I’d head out and see Continue reading

ladieslvlxs’ Award Winning Chrysler 300S

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I met Oriana for the first time at an AZ Mod Rod meet that was hosted by Piccione Performance. Strangely enough, I totally missed her ride @ SEMA 2013 since I didn’t make it to to the West Coast Customs booth. I got a few shots @ the Piccione Performance event but when I found out Continue reading