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DuSold Designs TT ’67 Camaro

I’ve been following DuSold Designs on Facebook for quite some time. I was stoked to finally run into one of their cars @ the Goodguys 16th Southwest Nationals at Westworld in Scottsdale, AZ and lucky enough to see the shop ’67 TT Camaro cutting loose on the AutoX track. On the outside, the car looks like it might be a beater but you can clearly see that this ride was carefully purpose-built. The nasty TT boosted 427 LS motor pushes 900hp at the wheel and runs high 10s in the quarter. The Detroit Speed front clip and QUADRAlink rear along with the Wilwood discs at all four corners enables this thing to also perform amazingly well when not headed in a straight line. Much respect for the work on this ride fellas!

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“Nailed” ’56 Buick Special Post – Rad Rods by Troy

While I like a ’56 Chevy there seems to be a ton of them that look alike, I always like seeing something different and this car has “different” written all over it! When a car is built by Rad Rods by Troy out of Manteno, IL you know it will be solid but this one is just on a whole different level. The star of this car is the 413 Nailhead engine (based off a 401) that was used by early racers in the 1950s. Rad Rods added fuel injection and a slick and subtle twin turbo system to generate 800hp in a tidy package with a dry sump system to keep it lubricated on the twisties. Riding on an Art Morrison chassis with C6 font clip, triangulated 4-link rear with a Ford 9-inch 3.5 posi diff, 12″ Ridetech coilovers and Wilwood discs all around. This foundation leads to a killer old school ride that moves, corners and stops as good or better than a modern car. The list of modifications goes on and on, take a look at that interior and the details in the metal work and paint and you can begin to appreciate the love that was poured into this car. I really like that the exterior is done in gloss clear and the engine compartment is finished in matte clear, not something that I can ever remember seeing on another car. I am glad that I got some shots of this beautiful ride and hope to see it again!

If you are interested in high res shots, click any of the images below to head to our online store.

More info about this beautiful car here: http://www.radrides.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=86:just-your-basic-six-stage-dry-sump-twin-turbo-nailhead&catid=78&Itemid=538

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“BAGD SRT” Magnum SRT8 – Show & Performance | SEMA 2013

I dig wagons and I’ve always thought that the Magnum was a sweet ride. I don’t have a ton of info about this ride besides that it was built by Show & Performance out of San Diego, CA that it is Bagged and finally is Boosted with a Vortech supercharger. If you have more info about this ride, let me know so I can add more details.

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Boosted Black Audi R8

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Glad to see the 414bhp and 317 lb ft from the 4.2L V8 aren’t enough for this owner! I want to know more about this monster!
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