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Nelson Supercars – 1968 Dodge Charger – SEMA 2013

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Another vehicle that was dressed in beautiful bare metal was this monster fromĀ Nelson Racing Engines. With over 1500 hours in this hand shaped and widened body, this thing looks amazing. Besides the meticulous metalwork, Nelson dropped in a gnarly powertrain pushing out a mere 2000 HP o.O. The motor is a 9.4 liter Chrysler HEMI that is twin turbocharged, twin intercooled and twin fuel injected. You may say “wha?” about that last part (I know I did), power can be dialed in from 600hp to 2000hp and the computer handles the tune and automatically switches from 90octane to 116octane. There is too much to detail about this beast but it is truly an inspiring ride!

– Michael Banks

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