Haig Sujohn’s Killer Twin Screw BMW M Coupe

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While I was in San Francisco I had the pleasure of meeting up with Haig Sujohn for a shoot of his Imola over Red/Black Twin Screw Supercharged Clownshoe. As a member of the Coupe Cartel, Haig has known my brother Jeremy for quite a while and I had a blast cruising around with him and capturing some amazing shots in the bay area. Unfortunately the fog wasn’t our friend and prevented us from getting a shot with the Golden Gate Bridge but otherwise we had amazing scenery to work with. I gotta say, this is one stout coupe with an owner who is dedicated to the Cartel and their shared obsession with these unique and quirky cars.

It is owners like Haig that keep me energized as an automotive photographer; I have the opportunity to meet and hang out with amazing people as I do what I love. Doesn’t get much better than that!

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