1958 C1 Corvette Race Car

What a great Cars and Coffee in Scottsdale today! Corvettes were the featured cars this week and I met some really nice people. In particular I loved this ’58 C1 Corvette. The owners were lovely people who were happy to tell the story of the car.

The car was born as a race car and it lives as one today (largely because of the current owners). They purchased the car in 2000 (I believe) in very rough shape. The car was originally red and when they got it, it was full of varmint poop. Four gallons of bleach later they were ready to start down a journey of a frame off restoration to develop the beautiful car that you see here.

They are heading to a classic car race soon (can’t remember which one) and I really hope that I am able to connect with them again in the future. I would love to sit down over coffee with these great people, hear more about their story and maybe get some shots in a scene that better suits the beauty of their vehicle.

I’ll be posting more pics soon but wanted to get a handful up for you all to enjoy!

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