Marc Prescott’s Decepticon Challenger

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When I was at Spring Fest this year I noticed Marc’s Challenger and really like his attention to detail and unique execution. The Dodge Challenger looks mean to begin with, but you put a custom two-tone paint job, Speedlogix Hood, a 3″ Drop, some Oracle Halos, Viper Replica Wheels and… well you get the picture. One mean car gets even meaner.

Marc’s story is pretty cool, he was a Military kid that was born in the U.S. to an American Dad and German mother. His dad was stationed in Germany most of his childhood and as a result he grew up relating more to German culture than to American culture. While German cars are certainly amazing machines, Marc was always in love with classic American Muscle. He says that “there is nothing is more [hardcore] and sinister than an American Car” and he fell in love with classic Challengers and Chargers as a kid.

When he moved to the U.S. in 2002, he was driving a Ford Focus but knew that he had to get a Challenger when it debuted in 2008. In 2009, Marc was in an accident that resulted in the Focus being totaled. He finally had the money that he needed to get his dream car, he rolled up to the dealership, pointed to his car and said “How Much?” – He rolled out with his ride that same day.

The next day, the Mod bug bit. He ordered a set of Halos and once the mod pump was primed it continued to flow. His friends started calling it “the Transformer car” after he installed the Halos and the theme was born. He has been modding since and according to Marc “[things have] gotten a little outta hand.” – I for one am glad, this ride is sick!

-Michael Banks

Here’s the Specs:

Vehicle: 2010 Dodge Challenger SE (yep it is a V6!)

  • 2 Tone custom paint job, matte purple/black
  • Custom of one a kind vented fenders
  • Oracle 2.0 Colorshift halos (that is what is pictured here, have been modded further since)
  • Debadged and Rebadged with Decepticon theme
  • RT Quad Exhaust
  • SRT 392 Front Chin Spoiler
  • SRT Mud flaps
  • Mopar Go-Wing
  • Speedlogix Ram Air Hood
  • Interior painted to match exterior color theme
  • Custom Transfromers Shift knob
Wheels, Tires, Etc…:
  • Viper Replica wheels, with painted pinstripe to match exterior theme
  • R1 Concepts drilled and slotted rotors
  • Painted Calipers
  • 3″ Static Drop

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