JONSIBAL’s 2009 Dodge Challenger AKA “Big Willy”

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I’ve been a huge fan of Jon Sibal’s work since I first saw his renderings on Facebook years ago. When I saw his Challenger and was blown away; simple yet clean with a mashup of various styles in a modern American Musclecar. It doesn’t get much more perfect for me!

In 2008, Jon won the “Dream, Design, Drive” challenge and as a result, won this badboy. It initially had a rather loud paint job with massive flames but Jon toned it down a bit with his Matte Black Wraptivo and gloss black racing stripes and accents and a set of gold powder-coated SSR wheels. With a little massaging he dropped in Air Runner ‘Bags to get the stance perfect and added a few other touches such as the Shaker hood to nicely round out this beautifully executed RWB inspired ride. 

I was excited to meet Jon in person at Spring Fest 9 and was amazed by how down-to-earth and friendly he was. Although I am a nobody, he was super friendly, remembered my comment on one of his Facebook posts and took time to talk to me about his ride. I get the feeling that I am not alone in receiving this kind of treatment and that this is just the kind of guy that Jon is.

The more time I spend behind the lens, the more I realize that I am so passionate about the automotive scene not because of the cars, but because of the dedicated owners that put so much into their rides and love to share them with the world.

For more info about JONSIBAL and his ride check out his site or check him out on Facebook

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