Jonathan Webb’s “Radioactive” 2nd Gen SRT8 Dodge Charger

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I first saw this bold and bright 2nd Gen SRT8 Charger at the 9th annual Spring Festival of LXs (#SF9) and connected with Jonathan Webb through Instagram (@SRT8Frost). I really liked his car and had a chance to chat with him about his mods and his car’s journey to where it is today.

Grab a seat and get comfortable, this story is a doozy! After the 1st Gen SRT8 Charger was released, it was Jon’s goal to get one. After 5 years of saving, he put his order in on Oct of 2011 and was one of the first west-coast owners to take delivery of a 2nd Gen SRT8 Charger. Jon spent some time with CenCal LX and ended up joining Bay Area Modern Mopar (#BAMM) with his girlfriend Carol (yep she owns “Heisenberg”). Jon and Carol were headed out to get some grub and took his Dodge Dart to save on gas, when they got home he found his baby vandalized in his driveway. The high school down the street from his house had a homecoming game and some rowdy vandals thought it would be fun to smash his windshield, taillights and give his car a thorough keying. At this point Jon was really beginning to regret moving to Tracy, CA where he had already begun to gain admiration of a local officer who liked to issue him fix-it tickets and now, this…

A couple of guys from car shows that Jon had attended recommended that he take it to a body shop in Pittsburgh, CA (who will remain nameless :o). The owner tried to push Jon into a Chrome paint job, but Jon had ideas of his own and finally got it through to the owner of the shop. Work began right away on stripping the car and then it just sat for a whole month with no progress. Jon had to continually hound the shop to get work to pick up again and it took them another month to get it sanded and prepped. A few more months to complete the prep and then paint took a few more months for a total of 5 months at the shop. The shop neglected to complete many of the fine details that Jon had specified (painted calipers, wheels, wing, hood and custom tail stripe) which took more time. Finally the work was complete and he drove her home. After only a week, he noticed that the front and rear fascias and side skirts didn’t match. He took it back to have them sprayed yet again. After all of what had transpired, he was a little spooked to take her out for fear of ruining what he had worked so hard to complete.

She sat idle in his garage for a while;  after installing a clear car bra, he felt a little better about driving her and started to visit a few car shows.This year was his first trip to Spring Fest with the car and he is looking forward to attending SF10.

Interested in his mods? Here’s the juicy details:

Performance Mods:
– LMI 392 True CAI w/dual  injector nozzles
– Jet Performance 180 Thermostat
– QTP Dual Electric  Cutouts
– Custom Magnaflow Catback Exhaust
– Speedlogix 392 Catchcan with z bracket and black braided hosing
– Hurst Roll Control Kit (Linelock)

Fluid Swap:
– NPG+ Evans Waterless Coolant
– BND Automotive Quantum Blue – Motor Oil
– Quantum Blue – Automatic Transmission Fluid
– Quantum Blue – Differential Gear Lube
– Quantum Blue – Power Steering fluid/catalyst

Appearance Mods:
– Custom Neon Yellow Paint Job
– 1969 inspired painted tail stripe
– 1969 inspired charger script on rear pillars
– 392 edition inspired painted accents (hood, roof, wing)
– Radioactive Tail stripe symbols
– Xenon – Blackout Headlight Covers
– Paint – Blackout Taillights
– Oracle 30″ v2 Lightbar for Grill
– Oracle 22″ v2 Dynamic Lightbar
– 3K HID Foglights
– Black SRT8 rear emblem
– Black 6.4L fender badges

Interior Additions:
– Valentine 1 – Radar/Laser Detector
– Valentine 1 – Color’ed Concealed Display
-180* 1080 P headrest mounted dash cam

Interested in High Res images? Click any of the images below to access my online store, I really appreciate your support!

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