Foose Designs P-32 Roadster

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I am pretty in love with the Fuller Hot Rods Double Down that was in the Jet Hot Coatings Booth this year with its bare metal and sheer awesomeness. I also fell in love with this amazing ride from Chip Foose @ Foose Designs when I ran into it at the Goodguys 16th Southwest Nationals.

Chip started out with a ’32 Ford Roadster and a body from Brookville Roadster that he massaged and customized to mimic a WWII fighter plane. Powered by a Lincoln V-12 with exhaust manifolds that hearken back to a P-40 and bomber seats plucked out of a B-17. Chip & Co. extended the doors by 2 inches and pulled the same out of the quarters but left the raw metal, welds, and grind marks exposed as the repairs would’ve been done to a warplane.
As usual, Chip doesn’t disappoint![zfp_photoset id=’p689734311′]


Bang! Something has been freshly forged @!