Automotive Restoration Club of Sun City West 2nd Annual Car Show and Swap Meet

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Sorry for the brief radio silence folks! Came down sick and it took me longer than usual to get these shots through post-production. I think it was worth the wait though ;o)!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show since I hadn’t been to one in Sun City West before but I know that there are a lot of gearheads out there and figured that there would be a plethora of rides that I hadn’t seen at other shows. Let me just tell you, I was right! I heard about the Auto Restoration Club last year in a news story about them restoring a truck for a young fella that had a serious illness and had a dream of driving a beautiful old truck. The folks at the Auto Restoration Club poured countless hours into the truck and presented it at the Sunrise Mountain Car Show Last year. I arrived at the show later than I should have but at around Noon there were still a lot of cars and people in attendance at the show.  Have a look at what was in attendance and let me know if there is a specific ride that you’d like to see more of. I have many more shots that I will be getting up in the future but wanted to get the summary post up for you all to enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Automotive Restoration Club of Sun City West 2nd Annual Car Show and Swap Meet

  1. Tom Jones President ARC of Sun City West

    Make shure you know that the car show was in Sun City WEST and not Sun City. There is a big difference between them.


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