5th Annual Bomb Squad Bomb-B-Q

5th Annual Bomb Squad Car Club Bomb-B-Q


Last year something came up and I wasn’t able to make it to the Bomb Squad Car Club’s annual show. When I saw coverage of the 4th annual Bomb-B-Q last year after the event, I realized that I missed out on an awesome event and knew that I had to make it to the next show. I made it this year and boy am I glad that I did, the show was well attended with tons of custom rides and kind folks.

I brought my little guy with me this year and since he is only 18 months old I brought the stroller so he didn’t have to walk everywhere and I could have my hands free to shoot the show. While we had a blast together, the stroller was a bit limiting due to the venue which restricted me to the perimeter of the show. Unfortunately, that meant that I wasn’t able to shoot the cars that were packed like sardines in the main area :(. None the less, it was a great show and I am looking forward to attending again next year!



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