1940 Ford Coupe – “Checkered Past”

I’ve seen pictures of this beauty around the web for a little while now (winning a Riddler award will do that for you) and was excited to see it at SEMA. Imagine my surprise when I walked out of the entry tent @ the Goodguys 16th Southwest nationals and seeing it again! At the Goodguys show the car was in my preferred shooting venue, outdoors! As you may know, I love cars that have deep attention to detail, this badboy is no exception. Cal Auto Creations teamed up with the owners to build this beautiful and on point ride and after some serious modification have the ride that you see below. I am glad that the hood was closed so I could grab pics of its great lines but wish I could have gotten some shots of the blown Ford Flathead V8.

Edit: I looked through my SEMA shots and realized that I did get engine shots, gallery updated below.

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