Monthly Archives: April 2014

CarolZombified’s Heisenberg Chrysler 300C

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Another amazing ride that I was fortunate enough to capture at Spring Fest 9. I used to be resistant to Instagram but I have found that it is a great way to meet the owners of the cars that I shoot at shows. I met Carol on IG and had the opportunity to chat with her about her beautiful 300C and her ride’s story.

Carol loved the Chrysler 300 from the moment she saw it; in 2009 she was in an accident and Continue reading

Haig Sujohn’s Killer Twin Screw BMW M Coupe

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While I was in San Francisco I had the pleasure of meeting up with Haig Sujohn for a shoot of his Imola over Red/Black Twin Screw Supercharged Clownshoe. As a member of the Coupe Cartel, Haig has known my brother Jeremy for quite a while and I had a blast cruising around with him and Continue reading

Orangebang1808 Dodge Charger

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Alright, finally getting more content up from Spring Fest 9. There were so many amazing rides but one that stood out was this Charger sitting in the R1 Concept Performance Brakes booth. I connected with the owner (@ Continue reading