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Free Bird Chrysler 300C

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Spring Fest 9 was full of amazing rides and equally amazing people. I had the pleasure of meeting the Millers and chatting with them about their beautiful ride.

As Skynyrd fans from way back, this car is a tribute to those lost in the plane crash in ’77. The engine bay has a ton of detail that a true Skynyrd fan will appreciate, from the Continue reading

Spring Fest 9 Coverage coming soon!

Well it was a whirlwind weekend full of Mopar goodness as the Family and I headed out to Irvine, CA for our first Spring Festival of LXs. I’ve been hearing about SF9 for the past few months and John Fortuno and Oriana Mehden encouraged me to head out and shoot the show, boy am I glad that I did!

Over 1000 modern Mopars (300, Magnum, Challenger and Charger) showed up and there was Mopar as far as the eye could see. I met some great people, shot some amazing cars and captured some amazing content for you to enjoy. I ended up with about 2800 shots from the pre-show BBQ the night before the event and the day of the event. Needless to say, I will be busy in Post-Production for a while but will get the shots out as soon as time permits.

If you want to see yours sooner, let me know and I’ll move it to the top of the stack if I shot it!

March 2014 Penske Cars and Coffee

This month’s Penske Cars and Coffee @ the Penske Racing Museum was larger than normal with a huge showing of Lambos and a sprinkling of other amazing cars! Working through my shots and will have them up as soon as I can.

Those looking for Goodguys shots, stay tuned! Working through them and they are looking amazing!

Had a Blast today at the Goodguys 5th Spring Nationals in Scottsdale, AZ

I really love the Goodguys Shows, they really have grown over the years to be a smoothly run and fun event from a spectator perspective. Googduys autocross is immensely popular and always draws a crowd; while I wish I could watch it more and get some shots of the cars in action there just isn’t enough time in the day. I often wonder, where do all these amazing cars come from? There are a lot of enthusiasts in the valley and I love to see the cars that I have seen before as well as the new ones that cycle through.

After 2.5 batteries (thanks to the folks in the Detroit Speed booth for letting me use your power plug) and 2153 shots I called it a day. I didn’t get shots of all the cars that I wanted to (sorry Widow, camera died again before I could get shots of the ‘Cuda and T-Bird) I think that I got some decent shots. Rolled the dice and shot the show with my new Nikon 12-24, hopefully they turn out well or I’ll be kicking myself.

I’ll be in post-production for a few days with these shots but will try to get the post up and will add shots to the gallery as I go. If there is a specific car that you want to see, shoot me an email or contact me through this site, Facebook, Twitter (@forgedphotography), or Instagram (@forgedphotgraphy)

February 2014 Scottsdale Motorsport Gathering

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Usually the Shops at Gainey Village is PACKED with amazing cars and fellow motorsports enthusiasts on the first Saturday of every month. I was disappointed to roll into a largely empty parking lot for the Feb. 2014 event but thought that there would still be a decent showing. Much to my surprise Continue reading