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Automotive Restoration Club of Sun City West 2nd Annual Car Show and Swap Meet

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Sorry for the brief radio silence folks! Came down sick and it took me longer than usual to get these shots through post-production. I think it was worth the wait though ;o)!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show since I hadn’t been to one in Sun City West before but I know that there are a lot of gearheads out there and figured that there would be a plethora of rides that I hadn’t seen at other shows. Let me just tell you, Continue reading

’56 Chevy Task Force Truck

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I am not a fan of dropped mini trucks, I can appreciate the work that goes into them but I’d much rather see this! This looks to be a work in progress but I think that they have a good foundation that they are working with. I’d like to see it when there done and hope that I run into it again. Continue reading

International Harvester Pickup – Don’t Tread on Me

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I first saw this truck (and its owner) @ the 16th Goodguys Southwest Nationals. The guy is quite a character as you may imagine and he enjoys exercising his freedom of speech. I get the feeling that he is a Veteran and I can tell that he deeply loves Continue reading