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I am working to build my social channels and will be focusing my efforts there for a little while. I will definitely continue to keep posting here but they will be summary posts of events that I cover for the most part.

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Grey Matter Hellcat 300 - January 24 2015082121_640px

As Oriana likes to say “if you won’t build it, I will” (in response to Chrysler pulling the plug on the SRT 300 and dashing her dreams). Oriana is no rookie when it comes to building sick 300s, you may recall seeing her previous ride (X-essive) at SEMA 2013 as the winner of the Chrysler Custom Challenge. When she heard that the SRT 300 would cease production in 2015 she snagged a 2014 Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core which provided her with a canvas to work her magic. Some of her most notable mods Continue reading

Barrett Jackson 2015 Coverage

Hello all, sorry for the complete absence of content lately, life is busy and I’ve been primarily focusing on building relationships, adding content, growing my Instagram feed and building my business. That being said, I want to get some content out to you all. Just a handful of images from Barrett Jackson 2015 for now but I’ll continue to add so keep checking back. I also Continue reading

2nd Annual Desert Street Scene Holiday Toy Drive

I had a great time today hanging with my Mopar360 Family and meeting some new folks at the 2nd Annual Desert Street Scene Holiday Toy Drive. There was a good showing and large Continue reading

No Fly Zone AZ

My buddy Matt O’Connor had been quite persistent in recommending that I attend the first annual No Fly Zone Half-Mile event at Gila Bend Municipal Airport and finally I gave in. Boy am I glad that Matt didn’t give up (thanks buddy!). I have to say… Continue reading

Matt Spinney’s Subaru WRX

I think the first person I met @ SEMA 2014 was Matthew Spinney from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I was snapping shots of his Subaru WRX in the Flitz Polish booth and we started chatting about his ride. I really enjoy speaking with owners of cars that have built their cars themselves, I understand the passion and it is cool to see it in others. Matt and I connected again on Instagram (@wrxspinney) and got some details about him and his ride.

His Story:

Matt grew up in south Florida and spent the majority of his life there until he joined the Army at age Continue reading

Brass Balls Cycles – Rocketeer F3

I don’t usually shoot bikes, but more and more they are growing on me. While I don’t think I’ll ever ride, the craft is something that I completely respect and admire. I had the pleasure of running into Dar Holdsworth of Brass Balls Cycles on the way to SEMA and shared the 1.5 Mile walk to the convention center from our hotel. We had a really nice conversation and it is conversations like the one that Dar and I had that Continue reading